It is a very versatile food consumed all over the world, which can be included in breakfast, lunch or dinner

The fat that accumulates in the abdomen is, in most cases, the most hated by people. In that case, either for aesthetics or for health, there are many people who want to reduce the volume of the belly, it is essential.

The truth is that a large number of people fight against abdominal fat every day, trying to reduce it for aesthetic purposes, but it is also important to do so at a health level, since people with abdominal overweight have a greater chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insomnia or cancer.

Over the years, it is common for more fat to accumulate in that area of the body, so incorporating healthy habits that reduce it is the best remedy to put an end to it.

In that case, the World Health Organization (WHO), ensures that a healthy abdominal perimeter in women is one that does not exceed 88 centimeters, while in men the value is established at 102 centimeters.

This is the best protein to reduce belly fat

To combat abdominal fat, it is important to carry out a good physical exercise routine that allows us to train the area. In addition, it is also important to try to reduce that localized fat through diet.

As research published in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism has shown, people who eat protein tend to have less body fat.

Specifically, the consumption of protein foods helps to speed up the metabolism by up to 30% for a few hours after eating them.

But as with everything, there are proteins that are better and others that are worse for losing belly fat. In that case, as published by Dr. Julie Upton in the portal specialized in food Eatthis, eggs would be very beneficial to reduce belly fat.

“High-quality protein can help increase satiety and reduce cravings to help us lose belly fat,” explains Ella Upton, who emphasizes that, on its own, “no protein can reduce belly fat.”

Thus, the expert makes it clear that one of the best proteins to reduce abdominal fat is eggs, since they contain the nine essential amino acids for the proper functioning of the body.

In addition, eating an egg-based breakfast has been shown to “help keep people fuller longer, shed belly fat and lose weight,” she stresses.

Other benefits of eating eggs

From the National Corporation of Poultry Farmers of Ecuador (COPFE) they remind that the egg is one of the most consumed products in the world since, in addition to being versatile, delicious and economical, it has many nutritional benefits.

In the case of the egg yolk, it is rich in excellent quality fats that are beneficial for the body, in oleic, linoleic and omega 3 acids. It is also an important source of vitamin D and choline, a compound necessary for different processes carried out the human body.

On the other hand, the white is the part of the egg that contains all the protein. This part of the egg has no cholesterol or fat, and also has vitamins such as B and E, riboflavin, calcium, selenium, copper, iron, potassium and folic acid.

In short, eating the yolk and the white together will guarantee obtaining all the vitamins and minerals that a person’s body requires on a daily basis.

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