Not only do the hours with the contact lenses affect, but also the state of them and of the eye itself

Lenses are small contact lenses that allow vision-impaired patients to ditch their prescription glasses for a more comfortable life. They are very safe products that have been used for many years and that do not generate any kind of problem as long as they are used correctly.

However, it must be remembered that it is still an external element attached to the eyeball, which requires certain precautions. One of the most controversial is how many hours to wear contact lenses without this posing a risk or without the eye being able to present problems such as rejection, dryness and other inconveniences.

It should be remembered that there are different types of products on the market, as there are contact lenses for daily use that are already indicated precisely to offer high performance. Others are disposable, monthly or fortnightly. In this sense, it is important to look at the conditions of each product and strictly follow the instructions of both the eye doctor and the manufacturer.

And it is that they not only affect the hours with the contact lenses on, but also the state of them and of the eye itself. These must be stored correctly so that they are not tarnished by dirt or small particles adhere, they must also remain moist to preserve their properties.

On the other hand, it is interesting that the eye has the capacity to hydrate itself correctly and, on many occasions, it may be relevant to use complementary artificial tears during its use. These should always be suitable for applying with contact lenses.

Wearing the lenses for several hours

People who have lenses of a certain duration, for example, fortnightly, often consider that if they only wear them for a few hours on time they can extend their life. Until adding 15 days of use in total, it can take weeks or months, therefore, they continue to wear them.

Experts warn that this behavior is not entirely safe for eye health. Contact lenses begin their deterioration process from the first moment they are removed from their original packaging. It is possible that they can serve us one day more than the strict one if they are not worn for many hours, however, they are not designed to last one or two months in good conditions.

Chances of complication or infection

On the other hand, it has been proven that there is a higher rate of infection in young people up to 25 years of age with regular use of contact lenses. This is not only due to the time of exposure, since it is focused on various conditions, among which is poor hygiene or improper use, skipping the recommendations of ophthalmologists.

Any type of contact lens is designed to be used for a maximum of 8 hours without interruption, from then on, we can begin to put its condition and that of the eye itself at risk. The eyeball needs oxygenation and moisturizing, something that can be impeded by these products if they are used for too long.

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