For little money, taking advantage of the fact that the high season is already in its last breath, it is easy to find a weekend getaway and, if due to not having coincided on your days off, you have not been able to flee the city with your partner, here are 10 destinations and, above all, incredibly romantic so that you can unleash in 48 hours all the love that you have not been able to exploit during July and August

Ehem… haven’t you run out for the suitcase yet? Well, take advantage because there is only one thing that causes more envy than the people for whom the Valencia filter always looks good, those who take their vacations in September. Bon voyage!

Vienna and its carriage rides – Romantic weekend

The center of the old imperial city is a fairytale setting best visited in a romantic horse-drawn carriage. And if that walk ends in the gardens of palaces such as Schoennbrunn, or Belvedere, the plan ends up being rounded. You should also not miss the views from the observation tower that offers a panoramic picture of the famous Ringstrasse boulevard.



Dubrovnik, a setting of Game of Thrones – Romantic weekend

The Croatian city, considered by Lord Byron to be the pearl of the Adriatic, was chosen by the producers of Game of Thrones to represent the grandeur of King’s Landing. From its port, surrounded by an impressive defensive wall and open to the sea, you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the entire Mediterranean. And more so now, when it will have been emptied of tourists.



Carcassonne, a hidden French treasure – Romantic weekend

Its medieval castle is one of the best known postcards of the French midday. Beyond emanating photogenicity from all its pores, Carcassonne is the perfect city to indulge the palate by tasting the foie gras, cheese and red wine (we recommend the Côtes de St-Mont) from its many gourmet shops. Take a walk down the rue de Saint-Louis and peek at the Basilica of Saint Nazaire. To end the day, go to the Jean Deschamps theater where there is always a show going on (and for free).



Strasbourg, one of the most romantic in France – Romantic weekend

Take a boat ride through the Petite France district, with wooden houses from the 16th and 17th centuries, or through the Parc d l’Orangerie… Strasbourg is not just European institutions, this city has been a World Heritage Site since 1988, and it promises to give you the best pictures for you to enjoy alone, the two of you, without anyone interrupting you.



Prague, a destination made to enjoy as a couple – Romantic weekend

Everything in Prague exudes romance: from its castle to its promenades, from its unique buildings to its gardens, such as those in the Hradčany district where the local nobility built their mansions and it’s worth taking a good walk holding hands with your ‘cuki ‘. And, if you already stretch out and book a dinner on board a boat, with the Charles Bridge behind, the proposal becomes inalienable.


Czech Republic

Verona, could not miss – Romantic weekend

How could the city of Romeo and Juliet not appear on this list? The Italian city is the scene of a romance that comes to life when passing under the balcony from which, according to legend, the young daughter of the Capulets looked out to see her ambitious love. In addition, traveling to Italy is always a safe bet for lovers of good food and an espresso that is not the ‘chirri water’ that they serve you at the uni.



Lisbon, the jewel of our neighbors – Romantic weekend

It is an open, cosmopolitan, modern city, but one that retains a special aura of nostalgia that makes it different from almost any other European city. The old fishermen’s quarter of Alfama, with its narrow and sloping streets, transports any couple that visits them to an ancient and, of course, incredibly romantic time. It is also the cradle of fado. Another thing, do not miss the opportunity to portray your love in one of the white and yellow trams.



Santorini, a pearl in the middle of the Aegean – Romantic weekend

It is one of the European destinations most in demand by those who want to enjoy a few days in which to merge into a single entity. The tranquility, its white village landscapes dotted with mountains, its fine sand beaches and volcanic cliffs… All the ingredients for a weekend of disconnection for the two of you.



Granada, without leaving home – Romantic weekend

It will be difficult to find a more evocative picture in the world than that of the Alhambra illuminated by the Granada sunset. In fact, you don’t have to leave Spain to find the ideal destination and every corner of Granada offers it effortlessly: the streets of the Albaicín neighborhood, its viewpoints, the typical Andalusian houses…



Bruges, another fairy tale town – Romantic weekend

With apologies to Amsterdam, it can be considered the Venice of the North. Dotted with canals and bridges, medieval architecture and cobbled streets, your Instagram will burst with creativity and images worthy of a Rembrandt painting. Yes, you will feel like the protagonists of the best love movies and more than one Venezuelan soap opera.



In short, you have a choice and more... 🙂

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